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Research and dialogue for an informed public debate in Cyprus

The PRIO Cyprus Centre is committed to research and dialogue. Its aim is to contribute to an informed public debate on key issues relevant to an eventual settlement of the Cyprus problem. Its ambition is to achieve this through the establishment and dissemination of information and by offering new analysis, and through facilitating dialogue. The researchers attached to the Centre are both Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots.

The inter-linkage between research and public outreach is at the core of the Centre’s activities; its research should always be of public interest and be disseminated in understandable language, alongside academic publications.

Most of the research output is presented in English, Greek and Turkish.

Through its network, projects and dialogue forums, the PRIO Cyprus Centre aims to foster cooperation between Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots, and strengthen regional cooperation in the Eastern Mediterranean at large. The PRIO Cyprus Centre offers an important meeting place for people from both sides of the divided island.

The PRIO Cyprus Centre does not advocate a specific political solution, it will not take a stand on the substance of any comprehensive proposal. The Centre emphasises the importance of open and informed debates among citizens in preparation for any agreed solution.

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