Publications 2009

Peer-reviewed Journal Article

(2009) The Smaller Issues Complicating the Larger Picture, The Cyprus Review 21(1): 187–192.
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PCC Paper

Antoniadou Kyriacou, Praxoula ; Özlem Öguz & Fiona Mullen (2009) The Day After II: Reconstructing a Reunited Cyprus, PRIO Cyprus Centre Paper. Nicosia: PRIO Cyprus Centre.
Jacobson, David; Bernard Musyck; Stelios Orphanides & Craig Webster (2009) The Opening of Ledra Street/Lockmaci Crossing in April 2008: Reactions from Citizens and Shopkeepers, PRIO Cyprus Centre Paper. Nicosia: PRIO Cyprus Centre.

PCC Policy Brief

Constantinou, Costas M. (2009) The Protection and Revival of Cypriot Maronite Arabic, PRIO Cyprus Centre Policy Brief, 1. Nicosia: PRIO Cyprus Centre.

Book Chapter

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Edited Volume

Trimikliniotis, Nicos (ed.) (2009) Rethinking the Free Movement of Workers: The European Challenges Ahead. Nijmegen, The Netherlands: Wolf Legal Publishers.

Non-refereed Journal Article

Trimikliniotis, Nicos (2009) Rethinking Migration, Discrimination and Multiculturalism in a Post-tourist Society, The Cyprus Review 20(2): 11–16.

Popular Article

Gürel, Ayla (2009) Property, Bizonality, and Reunification, Revma, 13 May.
Gürel, Ayla (2009) Property, Bizonality, and Reunification, Sunday Mail.

Conference Paper

Gürel, Ayla 2009Human Rights and the Cyprus Conflict, presented at SHUR project final conference4–6 June.

Report - External Series

Hatay, Mete; & Rebecca Bryant (2009) Suing for Sovereignty: Property, Territory and EU's Cyprus Problem, Global Political Trends Center Policy Brief. Istanbul: Global Political Trends Center.