The PRIO Cyprus Centre (PCC) considers requests for internship from MA and doctoral students researching the Cyprus issue. PCC offer office space, web connection, lybrary, practical advice and an academic environment.

The student needs to be registered with, and receive academic supervision from a University offering MA and PhD studies, as PCC does not assume any responsibility for the academic content and progress of the research project. Students will need to organise and cover the cost of their travel and stay expenses in Cyprus.

Please send your written application to including, a one pager explaining how your research is relevant to the activities of the Centre and an updated CV.

2008 - 2023

  • Louis Rousselle (September-December 2023) from University of Southern Denmark
  • Sebastian Prieto (September-December 2023) from University of Oslo
  • Aegli Sakellari (May-September 2023) from University of Oslo
  • Nikolai Johansen (September-December 2022) from University of Oslo
  • Jakob Horgreen (September-December 2022) from University of Oslo
  • Cem Atakara (April-June 2022) from Ankara University
  • Ann-Sophie Zeipekkis (April 2022) from University of Leiden
  • Sigvart Fredriksen (September-December 2019) from University of Oslo
  • Ola Christoffersen (September-December 2019) from University of Oslo
  • Moritz Rau (June 2019) from University of Cologne
  • Sharon Cheong (June-July 2019) from National University of Singapore
  • Jessica Salley (February-May 2019) from New York University
  • Pinelopi Konosidou (February 2019) from MGIMO University Moscow
  • Kartika Pepe (February-May 2019) from Universita' di Napoli Federico II
  • Amy Higgins (April-May 2018) from Queen's University Belfast
  • Rita Congiu (January-March 2018) from University of Gothenburg
  • Magdalena König (January-March 2018) from Eberhard Karls University Tübingen
  • Nikola Karasova (May-June 2017) from Charles University in Prague
  • Aaron Hollander (April-June 2016) from the University of Chicago
  • Sarah Gemski (December '15-February 2016) from the University of Vienna
  • Vassilis Karakasis (November-December 2015) from the University of Leiden
  • Mathis Nauchbauer (October-December 2015) from the Albert-Ludwigs University
  • Yonca Zaim (June-September 2015) from the Leiden University
  • Peter Kacziba (June-August 2014) from the University of Pecs
  • Thomas Ullathorne (March-April 2014) from the University of York
  • Joana Amaral (February 2014) from University of Kent
  • Ioannis M. Sarikas (January-February 2014) from University of Queensland
  • Elodie Khavarani (October-November 2013) from the American University Paris
  • Helge Jensehaugen (February-April 2013) from the University of Oslo
  • Sophia Papastavrou (October-December 2012) from University of Toronto
  • Jean Baptiste Mailllard (July-September 2012) from University of Strasbourg
  • Bozena Sojka-Koirala (October 2011) from Swansea University
  • Zenona Tziarras (July-September 2011) from the University of Birmingham
  • Stratis Efthymiou (May-June 2011) from the University of Sussex
  • Ariel Otruba (November 2011) from Arcadia University
  • Katharina Burlafinger (November-December 2010) from the Karl-Ruprechts University, Heidelberg
  • Kathleen Ireton (October 2010) from the Queen's University Belfast
  • Emily C.A. Hamilton (October-November 2010) from the Brandenburg Technical University
  • Alexes Flevotomas (July-August 2010) from the University of Freiburg
  • Direnc Kanol (May-July 2010)
  • Kylie Delbyck (February-March 2011) as part of the Watson fellowship.
  • Julie Bruyere (March-April 2011) from the University of Poitiers, France
  • Vasilis Kiliaris (November 2009) from University of Macedonia, Thessaloniki
  • Pinar Kadioglu, (September-November 2009)of the Middle East Technical University, Ankara
  • Tabea O'Brien (March-June 2009) from Philipps University, Marburg.
  • Roswitha Kern (May-October 2008) from the Ludwig Maximilian University, Munich.
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