Publications 2014

PCC Report

Charalambous, Giorgos (2014) Political Culture and Behaviour in the Republic of Cyprus during the Crisis, PRIO Cyprus Centre Report, 2. Nicosia : PRIO Cyprus Centre.
Gürel, Ayla; Harry Tzimitras; & Hubert Faustmann, eds, (2014) East Mediterranean Hydrocarbons: Geopolitical Perspectives, Markets, and Regional Cooperation, PRIO Cyprus Centre Report, 3. Cyprus : PRIO Cyprus Centre.
Mullen, Fiona; & Mustafa Besim (2014) The Cyprus Peace Dividend Revisited: A Productivity and Sectoral Approach, PRIO Cyprus Centre Report, 1. Nicosia: PRIO Cyprus Centre.

Peer-reviewed Journal Article

Charalambous, Giorgos & Iasonas Lamprianou (2014) Societal Responses to the Post-2008 Economic Crisis among South European and Irish Radical Left Parties: Continuity or Change and Why?, Government and Opposition 51(2): 261–293.
Charalambous, Giorgos (2014) Taking Party Ideology Development Seriously, Rivista Italiana Di Scienza Politica 44(2): 193–203.
Gürel, Ayla & Laura Le Cornu (2014) Can Gas Catalyse Peace in the Eastern Mediterranean?, The International Spectator: Italian Journal of International Affairs 49(2): 11–33.

PCC Policy Brief

Demetriou, Olga (2014) Towards a Gendered Peace: Interventions in the Negotiation Process Inspired by UNSCR 1325, PRIO Cyprus Centre Policy Brief, 1. Nicosia: PRIO Cyprus Centre.

Book Chapter

Demetriou, Olga (2014) Situating Loss in the Greek-Turkish Encounter in Cyprus, in Vally Lytra, ed., When Greeks and Turks Meet: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on the Relationship Since 1923. Farnham: Ashgate (45–64).
Hatay, Mete & Ali Dayioglu (2014) Cyprus, in Nielsen, Jørgen S.; Ahmet Alibašić; & Egdūnas Račius, eds, Yearbook of Muslims In Europe, Vol. 6. Leiden: Brill Academic Publishers (153–175).
Hatay, Mete (2014) Three Ways of Sharing the Sacred: Choreographies of Coexistence in Cyprus, in Choreographies of Shared Sacred Sites: Religion, Politics, and Conflict Resolution (Ed. Elazar Barkan and Karen Barkey). New York: Columbia University Press (69–96).

Edited Volume

Gürel, Ayla; Harry Tzimitras; & Hubert Faustmann, eds, (2014) East Mediterranean Hydrocarbons - Geopolitical Perspectives, Markets, and Regional Cooperation. Nicosia: PRIO Cyprus Centre.

Popular Article

Hatay, Mete (2014) "Düşmanın" Dilini Konuşmak [Speaking the Language of the "Enemy"], Gazete 360.
Hatay, Mete (2014) Antagonistik Tolerans ve Hoşgörü [Antagonistic Tolerance and "Hoşgörü"], Gazete 360.
Hatay, Mete (2014) Hüzün Adası İmroz ve Kıbrıs Bağlantısı [Imros, the Island of Melancholy and Cyprus Connection], Yenidüzen Gazetesi.
Hatay, Mete (2014) Kıbrıslı Türkler ve Ermenilerin Magduriyetini Anlamak [Turkish Cypriots and Understanding Armenian Victimhood], Gazete 360.
Hatay, Mete (2014) Sosyal Medya, Direniş ve Karnavalesk [Social Media, Resistance, and the Carnivalesque], Gazete 360.
Hatay, Mete (2014) Tek Lider, Tek otorite, Tek Cami: Suudiler ve Vahabilik [One Leader, One Authority and One Mosque: Saudis and Wahhabism], Gazete 360.

Report - Other

Tzimitras, Harry (ed.) (2014) The Peace Potential of Hydrocarbon Resources: A Scoping StudyOslo: PRIO.