Publications 2016

PCC Report

Gürel, Ayla; Harry Tzimitras; & Hubert Faustmann, eds, (2016) Global Energy Debates and the Eastern Mediterranean, PRIO Cyprus Centre Report, 1. Cyprus: PRIO Cyprus Centre.

Peer-reviewed Journal Article

Demetriou, Olga (2016) Counter-Conduct and the Everyday: Anthropological Engagements with Philosophy, Global Society 30(2): 218–237.


Tziarras, Zenonas (2016) Η Τουρκία στην Ανατολική Μεσόγειο: Ιδεολογικές Όψεις Εξωτερικής Πολιτικής [Turkey in the Eastern Mediterranean: Ideological Aspects of Foreign Policy]. Athens: Touriki.

Book Chapter

Bryant, Rebecca (2016) Everyday Coexistence in the Post-Ottoman Space, in Post-Ottoman Coexistence: Sharing Space In the Shadow of Conflict. Oxford: Berghahn Books (1–38).
Dayioglu, Ali & Mete Hatay (2016) Cyprus, in Scharbrodt, Oliver; Ahmet Alibasic; & Egdunas Racius, eds, Yearbook of Muslims In Europe. Leiden: Brill (174–194).
Demetriou, Olga (2016) Engendering the Post-Liberal Peace in Cyprus: UNSC Resolution 1325 as a Tool, in Oliver P. Richmond, ed., Post-Liberal Peace Transitions: Between Peace Formation and State Formation. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press (83–104).
Gürel, Ayla (2016) Eastern Mediterranean Gas: Source of Prosperity for the Region?, in Colombo, Silvia; Mohamed El Harrak; & Nicolò Sartori, eds, The Future of Natural Gas Markets and Geopolitics. Netherlands: Lenthe/European Energy Review (117–138).
Gürel, Ayla (2016) Offshore Gas: An Anticatalyst in Efforts to Reunify Cyprus, in Warner, Jonathan ; David W. Lovell ; & Michalis Kontos , eds, Contemporary Social and Political Aspects of the Cyprus Problem. Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing (58–89).

Edited Volume

Charalambous, Giorgos; & Christophoros Christophorou, eds, (2016) Party-Society Relations in the Republic of Cyprus: Political and Societal Strategies. London : Routledge. Advances in Mediterranean Studies.

Non-refereed Journal Article

Gürel, Ayla & Harry Tzimitras (2016) Cyprus Settlement Negotiations: From Euphoria to Reality, Turkish Policy Quarterly 15(1): 51–63.

Popular Article

Hatay, Mete (2016) “Makul” Kıbrıs Türkü’nün peşinde: 1950’ler ve Köycülük faaliyetleri [In search of the "Proper" Cypriot Turk: 1950's and "köycülük" activities], Poli Dergisi, 22 May.
Hatay, Mete (2016) 1974’ün Hayat mecmuası ve Kıbrıs göç tarihi [The Hayat (Life) Magazine of 1974 and the Displacement in Cyprus], Poli Dergisi, 31 July.
Hatay, Mete (2016) 2011 İngiltere, Avustralya Nüfus Sayımları ve Kıbrıslılar [2011 UK, Australia Censuses and Cypriots], Poli Dergisi, 17 July.
Hatay, Mete (2016) Biyopolitikalar ve Dr. Hafız Cemal Lokman Hekim [Biopolitics and Dr. Hafız Cemal Lokman Hekim], Poli Dergisi, 25 September.
Hatay, Mete (2016) Carl Schmitt Ruhu ve Olağanüstü hal [The Soul of Carl Schmitt and State of Emergency], Poli Dergisi 24 July.
Hatay, Mete (2016) Enklave Kültürü ve Kutlu Adalı'nın "Kehaneti" [Enclave Culture and Kutlu Adalı's Prophecy], Poli Dergisi, 11 September.
Hatay, Mete (2016) Eşikte Gün Saymek ve Kıbrıs Türk Siyaseti [Counting the Days at the Treshold and the Politics of Turkish Cypriots], Havadis Newspaper, 4 December.
Hatay, Mete (2016) Federal Kıbrıs'taki "Kripto Taksim" Paradoksu [The "Crypto Taksim" Paradox of the Federal Cyprus], Poli Dergisi,18 September.
Hatay, Mete (2016) Halk Eğitimi Öğretmenleri ve TMT [Teachers of Public Education and TMT], Poli Dergisi, 5 May.
Hatay, Mete (2016) Kaygan Ölçek ve Toprak Tartışmaları [Sliding Scale and Land Disputes], Havadis Newspaper, 1 November.
Hatay, Mete (2016) Kıbrıs, Saz ve İdeoloji [Cyprus, Saz and Ideology], Poli Dergisi 15 May..
Hatay, Mete (2016) Kıbrıs’ta Anıtlar ve Milliyetçilik Peyzajı (1909-1963) [The Landscape of Monuments and Nationalism in Cyprus (1909-1963)], Poli Dergisi, 17.04.2016..
Hatay, Mete (2016) Kıbrıslı Rumlar ve Ruhani Dönüşler [Greek Cypriots and Spiritual Returns], Poli Dergisi, 28 November.
Hatay, Mete (2016) Marazi Düşünceler ve "Statü" Kavgası [Melancolic Thoughts and Struggle for "Status"], Havadis Newspaper, 24 November.
Hatay, Mete (2016) Niye Çözüm İstiyoruz? [Why do we want the Solution?], Havadis Newspaper, 15 November.
Hatay, Mete (2016) Nostaljik bir Referandum Hikayesi [Story of a Nostalgic Referandum], Havadis Newspaper, 6 December.
Hatay, Mete (2016) Ölümcül Kıbrıs Dedikodusu ve 6-7 Eylül Olayları [Fatal Cyprus Gosip and 6-7 September Events (Pogroms)], Poli Dergisi, 4 September.
Hatay, Mete (2016) Rakamlar Savaşına Son [The End of the War of Numbers], Havadis Newspaper 20 October.
Hatay, Mete (2016) Referandumlar, Popülizm ve Güçlü Liderler [Referandums, Populism and Powerful Leaders], Poli Dergisi, 14 November.
Hatay, Mete (2016) Sus da Rezil Olduk: Kültürel Mahremiyet ve Utanç [Shut Up We Have Been Disgraced: Cultural Intimicy and Shame], Poli Dergisi, 3 July.
Hatay, Mete (2016) Takiyye: Haricilik'ten FETÖ'ye Tarihsel bir Bakış [Takiyye: Historical Overview of FETÖ since Kharijite], Poli Dergisi, 28 August.
Hatay, Mete (2016) Türkiye’de Amerika İmajı -1 [America's Image in Turkey], Poli Dergisi, 14 August.
Hatay, Mete (2016) Türk'ten Türk'e Kampanyası [Turk to Turk Campaign ], Poli Dergisi, 29 May.
Hatay, Mete (2016) Zirve Çöktü [The Summit Has Collapsed], Havadis Newspaper, 22 November.

Conference Paper

Hatay, Mete (2016) "Human Diplomacy and Maronites in Cyprus", presented at Diplomacy Conference organized by Near East University's Political Science Department , Near East University, Nicosia Cyprus, 14 December 2016.
Hatay, Mete (2016) "'This place is not Germany!': Exceptionality and the politics of irresponsibility in north Cyprus,", presented at On the occasion of International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, Conference “Discussion on Racial Discrimination Today and in a Reunited Cyprus tomorrow” organized by KISA, MHD and H4C, H4C Nicosia Cyprus, 21 March.
Hatay, Mete (2016) Carnavalesque Space and the Buffer Zone, presented at "Multitude and Democracy: Experiences from North East India and Myanmar" organized by PRIO and OKDISCD, Guwahati India, 19 February 2016.
Hatay, Mete (2016) General Perceptions of Turkish Cypriots of Greece, presented at Cyprus-Greece Relations: A Beyond-the-Stereotype Overview organized by PCC and FES , CVAR, Nicosia Cyprus, 3 November.
Hatay, Mete (2016) Migrations Issues in North Cyprus, presented at 2016 PCC Annual Conference: Migration and Conflict in Europe and the Middle East, Home for Cooperation, Nicosia Cyprus, 14–15 October, 2016.
Hatay, Mete (2016) Reclaiming the sacred:Cultural Heritage and Diplomacy of Return in Cyprus, presented at Return, Remixing and Reconciliation: Lessons to be Learned Conference organized by PCC and FES, Buffer Zone, Nicosia Cyprus, 16 November 2016.
Hatay, Mete (2016) Soveregnity Paradox and Cyprus Conflict, presented at 'Multitude and Democracy: New Perceptions' organized byPRIO and the Manipur University Philosophy Department , Manipur India, 22 February 2016.

Report - Other

Ellinas, Charles; Harry Tzimitras; & John Roberts (2016) Hydrocarbon Developments in the Eastern Mediterranean: The Case for PragmatismWashington DC: Atlantic Council, Global Energy Center and Dinu Patriciu Eurasia Center.

Report - External Series

Tzimitras, Harry; & Mete Hatay (2016) The Need for Realism: Solving the Cyprus Problem through Linkage Politics, Turkey Project Policy Paper, 9. Washington DC: Center on the United States and Europe, Brookings Institution.