To celebrate the occasion, the PCC organized on 6 June an event in the Nicosia Buffer Zone. The evening started with a panel presentation and discussion, held at the Home for Cooperation, followed by a cocktail reception at the Ledra Palace Hotel.

The panel discussion focused on the history of PRIO and the PCC, outlining on the challenges faced in the process of peace promotion in Cyprus and presenting the tangible outcomes of peace research throughout the past decade. Panelists also discussed the principles, vision and logic of Norwegian support for conflict resolution, as well as of the contribution of the EEA/Norway grants funding mechanism. The panel brought together the current and former PCC Directors Harry Tzimitras, Greg Reichberg, Arne Strand and Gina Lende, the Director of PRIO Kristian Berg Harpviken, Amb. Ingrid Schulerud, Head of the EEA/Norway grants and the UNFICYP Force Commander, Maj. Gen. Kristin Lund. The event was well attended by members of the diplomatic community and international organizations, political party and civil society representatives from both sides of the island, academicsand many friends of the PCC.