Cultures and Politics of Global Communication

Edited volume

Constantinou, Costas M.; Oliver P. Richmond & Alison Watson, eds, (2008) Cultures and Politics of Global Communication. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Review of International Studies.

Publisher's Website

Volume 34 This special issue of Review of International Studies focuses on how International Relations (IR) communicates with the world, and vice versa. It opens up the discussion of the politics of communication within the discipline and beyond. With a variety of different mediums ranging from media, film, memory, music, culture, and emotions, this book seeks to accentuate their importance for IR, both as a source of knowledge and as an ideational exchange which shapes IR. It examines the diverse ways that multidisciplinary thinkers try to understand and explain global routes, mobilities, cultures, commodifications, singularities, discourses and aestheticisations. This special issue specifically addresses three interrelated themes: How international and global studies approach the question of communication, how to conceptualise and respond to the globalisation of communication and how global problems get communicated within and across the institutional settings of the epistemic disciplines in general, and the IR discipline in particular.

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