Legal Framework in the Republic of Cyprus

PRIO Report

Trimikliniotis, Nicos & Corina Demetriou (2012) Legal Framework in the Republic of Cyprus. Displacement in Cyprus - Consequences of Civil and Military Strife: 3. Nicosia : PRIO Cyprus Centre.

This paper analyses the legal aspects of displacement and property as these are affecting the Republic of Cyprus and its citizens, both Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots, focusing on two distinct areas of law and policy: First, the framework for the provision of grants and services to Greek-Cypriot displaced persons as regards accommodation and other needs; and secondly, the legal regime governing Turkish-Cypriot properties located in the area controlled by the Republic (south) and Greek Cypriot properties located in the north, in light of successive ECtHR decisions on the matter. It examines constitutional and legislative property provisions, decisions of the ECtHR, the national Courts and the Cypriot Ombudsman as regards the Greek Cypriots’ and the Turkish Cypriots’ right to property and tackles issues arising out of the doctrine of necessity, the institution of the Guardian of Turkish Cypriot Properties, conflict of laws and the EU anti-discrimination acquis.

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