History Education in Cyprus

Led by Yiannis Papadakis

Jan 2006 – Dec 2012



The PRIO report 2/2008 by Yiannis Papadakis *History Education in Divided Cyprus: A Comparison of Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot Schoolbooks on the “History of Cyprus”*addresses how history is thought in north and south Cyprus.

Conference Papers:

The PRIO Cyprus Centre annual conference on history entitled: One Island, Many Histories: Rethinking the Politics of the Pastin Cyprus, Nicosia 28-29 November 2008 Program Papers presented: Demetris Assos, Anita Bakshi, Evropi Chatzipanayiotidou, Catia Galatariotou, Roger Heacock, Virginie Ladisch & Paige Arthur, Alexis Rappas, Rebecca Bryant, Andrekos Varnava


The Committee of Ministers of the Council Of Europe has provided a Recommendation Rec(2001)15 on history teaching in twenty-first-century Europe.

In Cyprus the website of the Association for Historical Research and Dialogue (AHRD) provide informant and links on history education, and has an online forum for debate at http://www.hisdialresearch.org/

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