With the recent discovery of substantial gas reserves in the Eastern Mediterranean, the need arises to evaluate what this means in the context of particular countries and issues. The conference will map out the significant geo-strategic, economic and political implications of hydrocarbon development in the Eastern Mediterranean.

The emphasis will be on countries with proven or potential oil and gas reserves (Israel, Cyprus,Lebanon, Egypt) and their neighbors (Turkey, Greece), as well as countries with strong strategic interests in the region (USA, Russia). Additionally, the conference will include industry perspectives on how Eastern Mediterranean gas reserves fit into the global energy context; potential gas markets and export options; and geopolitical/security risks. The conference will also provide a platform for exploring ways in which the possibilities offered by hydrocarbon development could be an enabler and/or catalyst for resolution of regional conflicts.

  • Pre-registration is obligatory by sending an email to prio.guido@cytanet.com.cy no later than Tuesday 12th November 2013